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Power Plate

This causes your muscles to contract up to 50 times per second. These extra contractions amplify your workout and help burn fat.

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What is the Power Plate?

The Power Plate is whole-body vibration training sytsem. The unit consists of a platform which is used on it's own or in unison with a variety of other training techniques. We adjust the frequency and amplitude of the vibration to create instability in your body, causing your muscles to activate reflexively.

  • Muscular


    Performing strength exercises isometrically, such as a squat, lunge, pushup or triceps dip, on a Power Plate keeps your muscles engaged and building.

  • Save time with

    more efficient workouts

    Traditional training causes your muscles to contract one or two times a second but the vibrations on a Power Plate this is increased to 30-50 contractions a second.

  • Increased


    Power Plate traing helps to improve flexibility, even in trained athletes. A 2006 study found that vibration training increased range of motion far beyond that achieved with static stretching.

  • Cellulite


    According to a study by the SANADERM Professional Clinic for Skin Disease and Allergology in Germany, six months of Power Plate training reduced cellulite on buttocks and thighs by a massive 32.3%.

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